Pest Control

Brownyard PCOpro® is a state-of-the-art insurance program for today’s Pest Control Operators (PCO), offering the broadest coverage on the market. Our program is designed to meet the complex coverage needs of PCOs. As new pests rear their heads and new treatment methods hit the market, we continually work hard to make sure our program provides the coverage you have come to expect from Brownyard.


Brownyard’s PCOpro Program features:

  • General and Professional Liability
  • Unique Care, Custody & Control Endorsement
  • Property and Inland Marine Coverage
  • Business Automobile Coverage
  • Commercial Umbrella Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Third Party Employee Dishonesty
  • Animal Mortality Coverage
  • Available in most states
  • Simple application process
  • Expert in-house claims handling
  • Written with admitted carriers rated “Superior” by A.M. Best.



Call 1-800-645-5820 for more information about these coverages.

Coverage Highlights:

  • E&O Liability – including coverage for financial loss
  • Animal Mortality coverage
  • Jobsite Pollution coverage
  • Sudden and Accidental Pollution Coverage
  • Auto Hazard Pollution Liability Coverage
  • Exterminators Liability: Care, Custody and Control Coverage
  • Pest Inspection Damage Liability Coverage
  • Lost Key Coverage
  • Blanket Additional Insured Coverage
  • Broad Form Comprehensive General Liability Coverage

Commercial Excess & Commercial Umbrella Liability

Excess and Commercial Umbrella Liability Coverage can be tailored to meet your specific needs and exposures. In general, these products are:

  • Licensed and admitted in most states.
  • Available with limits up to $5,000,000 to protect against that once-in-a-lifetime judgment.

Business Auto

The Brownyard Business Auto product is designed especially for the pest control industry. It is:

  • Available with Liability limits as low as state minimums and as high as $1,000,000 CSL.
  • Written with a highly rated carrier.
  • Competitively priced, with no minimum premium.
  • Available in all US states and territories, except Puerto Rico.
  • Admitted in all states.

Third Party Employee Dishonesty

Brownyard Group offers coverage for third party employee dishonesty, which protects against service contractor employees who perpetrate dishonest acts against their customers — which many general liability policies or standard fidelity bonds cannot do.  A highly rated insurance company, as designated by A.M. Best, provides the coverage.  We can also provide first party dishonesty coverage if necessary.

Commercial Property

For our Brownguard General Liability clients, the Commercial Property product provides:

  • Building and Business Personal Property coverage.
  • Business Income and Extra Expense coverage.
  • The backing of a highly rated carrier.
  • Competitive premiums.

Coverage is available in most states.

Inland Marine

The Inland Marine product is designed to offer Mobile Property and Electronic Data Processing (EDP) coverage to our Brownguard General Liability clients. We write this program with a highly rated carrier and our premiums are highly competitive. Coverage is available in most states.

Workers’ Compensation

The Brownyard Group offers custom-tailored Workers’ Compensation Coverage to the pest control industry through our Brownyard Advantage Program. Our highly skilled and responsive staff provides outstanding service to your account, and you can enjoy the backing of insurance companies highly rated by A.M. Best.

Product Highlights:

  • Highly rated insurance carriers
  • Available in all states (except AK, HI and the monopolistic states of OH, ND, WA and WY)
  • Convenient, interest-free payment options
  • Competitive pricing


Please complete the appropriate applications and return them by fax at 631-666-5723 or by email to

PCOpro General Liability Application Download
CritterPRO Liability Application for Wildlife Control Program Download
Brownyard Commercial Excess & Umbrella Liability Application Download
PCOpro Canine Mortality Liability Application Download
PCOpro Workers' Compensation Application Download
Third Party Dishonesty Application Download
Brownyard Auto Application (also requires ACORD forms 125, 127, 129 and 137) Download

We direct you to our exclusive brokers in the following states:

NewYork: Phillis MacDonald of Select Insurance Agency, Inc. is our exclusive broker in New York for PCOpro and accepts sub-brokered business on our behalf. You can contact Phillis directly at (914) 395-3131 ext 305.

Alabama and Mississippi: Johnny Baker of Baker Insurance Services is our exclusive broker in Alabama and Mississippi for PCOpro and accepts sub-brokered business on our behalf. You can contact John directly at (877) 328-4911.


Pest Control Coverage Frequently Asked Questions

How do we apply for coverage?

Please ask your broker to mail, email or fax the completed required information as soon as you can. Agents and brokers do not need an Agency Agreement to write this coverage through our program. We can usually have a quote for you within a few days.

Are there minimum premiums?
Yes, our policies are subject to minimum premiums as follows:

  • $300,000. Limit, $660 minimum premium.
  • $500,000. Limit, $820 minimum premium.
  • $1,000,000. Limit, $1,135 minimum premium.

In what states is the coverage available?
All states except Louisiana.

What information is required for a quote?

  • Completed, signed Brownyard application.
  • Completed, signed ACORD Application for Auto, Workers’ Compensation and Property.
  • Four-years of general liability loss run information.
  • Copy of Broker’s License and proof of Errors & Omissions Insurance.
  • We will need the signed, original application to bind coverages, but no original signature is required to quote

What are your carriers’ ratings?
We only write our program through the best carriers that have ratings of at least “Superior” or better.

Is your Program admitted?
We provide admitted carriers.

Are your rates competitive?
The coverages we offer through our program are some of the broadest in the industry at reasonable prices.

Can I get a lower premium if I go directly through Brownyard without a broker and their commission?
No, we value the relationship between you and your local insurance representative and encourage you to stay with a local broker for the best possible service.

Is Brownyard a member of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA)?
Yes, we are.

Is coverage provided for bedbug eradication?
Subject to underwriting review, our policy provides coverage for claims you may face due to negligent bedbug treatments.  Coverage is provided at full policy limits.

Is coverage provided for Wood Destroying Insect Inspections?
Yes.  Our policy includes this important coverage at policy limits and without a sunset clause.

Is Site Pollution Clean Up Available?
Yes, we can provide Site Pollution Clean Up Coverage in most states to protect your company against government mandated clean-up costs.

Is termite treatment sublimited?
No, termite treatment is covered as a completed operation to the full occurrence limit.

Can I buy coverage for my insect detection dog?
Yes.  We realize that insect detection canines are a very expensive investment and our Animal Mortality policy helps protect this important assest.

Is there a charge for Additional Insureds?
No, never!  Our policy provides a very comprehensive Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement which includes primary and non-contributary language.  There is no extra charge for this endorsement or any other additional insured endorsement that may need to be added.

Can I get my Auto Coverage at Brownyard?
Yes, Commercial Auto is now available for PCOs in all states except Louisiana, and Puerto Rico. Call our office for details.

Is Workers’ Compensation coverage available?
Yes. It is available in all states (except Alaska, Hawaii and the monopolistic states of Ohio, North Dakota, Washington & Wyoming)

Does Brownyard write Property & Inland Marine coverage?
Yes. Visit the PCOpro Coverages tab for more info.

If pesticides leak or spill from a container on my vehicle, do I have coverage?
Yes. Most other policies will only cover this type of claim if the vehicle is involved in a collision or overturn. Our auto transit pollution endorsement covers for leaks and spills of pesticides, regardless of a collision or overturn. This is a serious risk that requires specialized coverage.

Eligibility Map

Eligible states for pcopro pest control insurance


PCOpro is available in all states except Louisiana.

We direct you to our exclusive brokers in these following states:

Phillis MacDonald of Select Insurance Agency, Inc. is our exclusive broker in New York for the pest control program, and you can contact Phillis directly as she accepts sub-brokered business on our behalf.  She can be reached at (914) 395-3131 ext 305.
Johnny Baker of Baker Insurance Services is our exclusive broker in Alabama/Mississippi for the pest control program, and you can contact John directly as he accepts sub-brokered business on our behalf.  He can be reached at (877) 328-4911.

Does your coverage measure up

  • Pest Control Managers: Is your insurance up to the Brownyard challenge?

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If you answered “NO” or “NOT SURE” to even one question, you owe it to yourself-and your business-to review your present coverage. No cost. No obligation. No delay. For a FREE second opinion, call 800-645-5820 or FAX a request to 631-666-5723 or click on the applications tab for all PCO Pro Applications.


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