Pest Riddle

Did you solve the Pest Riddle? Find out below!

Brendan was a typical kid who had a fascination with insects, snakes and spiders. But his knowledge went beyond that of the average 11 year old, because his father was an exterminator. One day while riding his bike around his neighborhood, he saw his friends, Jennifer and Sean arguing.

Sean was accusing Jennifer of killing his pet cockroach! As Brendan looked in the jar and saw the shiny back of the unmoving insect, Jennifer explained what happened. “Sean let me take care of his cockroach for the day,” began Jennifer, “I kept it with me the whole day. About half an hour ago, I noticed the cockroach had not moved. I called Sean when it wouldn’t move when I tapped the jar.” After a few moments, Brendan concluded that Jennifer had indeed killed the cockroach. Why was he so sure?

When cockroaches die naturally, they roll over on their back. Yet, the cockroach was lying right side up as Brendan saw “the shiny back of the creature”. Jennifer must have killed the cockroach, then set it upright back in the jar to cover up the fact that she accidentally killed the cockroach, not knowing the bit of science that Brendan knew.

The answer is clear – PCOpro®

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