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Getting started with bed bug treatments? 3 ways to avoid headaches

By John Culotta

The pest management industry has just wrapped up another successful Bed Bug Awareness Week, during which businesses and trade groups tried to impart upon the public a bit of their bed bug wisdom. Through efforts such as these, it is safe to say the average person is more bed bug savvy than they were 10 years ago. Over the same period, pest management professionals (PMPs) have learned about, and adapted to, the ways of bed bugs, with new detection and treatment techniques.

But PMPs continue to face an array of challenges when treating for these pests — including the human element. If you are just getting started with providing bed bug services, these challenges may seem daunting. Fortunately, you can learn from the mistakes of others. To avoid reputation damage, costly insurance claims and other headaches, I recommend adopting the following strategies.